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Educational Grants 

The cost of tuition has continued to rise dramatically both nationally and in the state of Virginia.  The average tuition in Virginia is $7,699.  The average cost of books is nearly $1,200.  Factor in the average cost of on-campus housing of $13,000 and costs for one year easily exceed $21,000.

With interest rates also on the rise and an anemic job market, the thought of having tens of thousands of dollars worth of student loans has become worrisome for many students.  Then there are those students that do not qualify for student loans because of a lack of guarantor, little to no income, or no credit history.  There are students that have done well in high school but don't have the necessary resources to attend a college or university.  


It is important for our State to not allow secondary education to become a luxury that only the middle and upper class can afford.  These students from lower income brackets are talented and bright.  They need help so that they can continue to pursue their dreams and it is important to help provide them the resources to attain their goals.  

The Mohammad A. Ahmad Memorial Scholarship

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