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The number of homeless has declined in Virginia through robust efforts by various non-profits and both State and Federal agencies.  However, the problem is far from solved.  


While there are many causes of homelessness, one of the biggest is a lack of affordable housing for those with very low income.  Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has estimated that Virginia had approximately 6,268 homeless people in 2016 of which 3,959 were individuals and 2,309 were people in families with children.  The overall count also included 322 unaccompanied youth and 515 veterans.  


The vast majority of homeless people,approximately 87%, stayed in shelters while the remainder were unsheltered.  It is of utmost importance that these shelters receive the proper funding, food, clothing, and donations to continue to be able to sustain the level of care that they have provided to the homeless. 

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