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Child Abuse 

According to Prevent Child Abuse in America, a child is abused or neglected every 75 minutes in Virginia and a child dies every 14 days from the mistreatment and abuse.  The long term consequences for children facing abuse are detrimental to their communities and the State.


Child abuse is often preventable, but is hard to find and is often overlooked.  According to the Virginia Department of Social Services (DSS),49,868 children were reported as possible victims of abuse and neglect in 2015.  


Of those cases, 6,592 were founded reports in which a review of facts gathered during a formal investigation met the standard of evidence required in Virginia.  A staggering 32% of those experiencing abuse were under the age of four while 75% were under the age of 12.  


The most common type of abuse was neglect, which is defined as the failure to provide adequate food, shelter, clothing, or supervision.

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